MAKING A DIFFERENCE   Some time ago, I had the experience of making a difference, one on one, in the life of another human being. It’s difficult now to describe how it affected me, but it must have, because I have never forgotten it. It is said that one frequently comes away from an experience […]


INSIGHTS If you have read any of the little articles I have written for “Adam’s Wedding Dress,” ( I call them insights), you have looked, “through the looking glass,” into parts of my life. There are some things I have written about, that I am sure, even my son, Adam didn’t know. It feels good […]

Don’t Give Up On Parents

DON’T GIVE UP ON YOUR PARENTS So, you have hit one of life’s little rough spots. We have talked about this before. You are looking around for answers and find it difficult to locate a viable source. What about your parents? O.K., let’s get the laughter over with. Let us assume that they are not […]


    AGING PARENTS/WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM ME? I am 86 years old and I have two children so I guess that makes me an aging parent. I enjoy talking to people, particularly young people. I ask police officers how the crook business is. That always gets a smile. I talk to bank tellers […]


2008 07 25_5021

These hints are a good place to start Photo by Murray November ANGLES: Don’t stand up for every photo you take. Get down at least once in a while. Move in close. BRIGHT SUN: Stop trying to make holes in the head of your subject by shooting outside in bright sun. Direct sunlight makes subject […]