Don’t Give Up On Parents


So, you have hit one of life’s little rough spots. We have talked about this before. You are looking around for answers and find it difficult to locate a viable source. What about your parents?

O.K., let’s get the laughter over with. Let us assume that they are not divorced themselves. And even if they are, they are still your parents. Who better to talk to? Who else has a bigger investment in you? Who else is in pain because of your problem? Who else has placed their hopes and dreams in you?  At this moment, who loves you more than your parents? Be honest!

Let’s examine this possibility a bit closer. Your job is to understand that they come from a different time warp. Their job is to understand that they come from a different time warp.  One of the most difficult things for parents to understand is times have changed and your world is no longer their world. One of the most difficult things for you to understand is your world is no better or that theirs is no worse. Everything depends on both of you understanding that your worlds are different. Look, I am certain that your parents offer you pounds of information. Please don’t tell them they don’t know what they’re talking about. They do, but much of it may be outdated. To know how to handle it, read on.

If your parents are living, you are very lucky to have this valuable source of information about life. That is exactly what they can be if you will let them; a valuable source of information. If you use this source effectively, you could be surprised how much of the information, because of their life experience, can be of value to you. BUT, you must know how to use it. You have to absorb it, sift through it and determine what can still be relevant at this time and this arena, and what has to stay in their time warp because it is not relevant now. If you write them off as an info source, it would be like tossing out a world book of information because you didn’t like the color of the cover.

Now is the time to knock them off their feet with, “Mom, Dad, I need your input.”


Don Weston—-

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