If you have read any of the little articles I have written for “Adam’s Wedding Dress,” ( I call them insights), you have looked, “through the looking glass,” into parts of my life. There are some things I have written about, that I am sure, even my son, Adam didn’t know. It feels good to bring these things out into the light and offering them up to you, and if you find them interesting and/or helpful in any way, then I am twice blessed.

When Adam asked me to write some things for his blog, (Adam’s wedding dress,) I had no idea what I might write on his major subject, (divorce) and I didn’t know that I could write anything that might be of interest to others.

You, the readers of his blog, have made this old dude feel at home and for that I thank you. If you have found anything relevant, you make my day.

As you might imagine, (considering my age) I have a certain bond with your parents! Now, come on, it isn’t a dirty word. I have a question for you: Do you really know your parents? No matter what your answer is, I have a challenge for you.

I am certainly not the only one with a lifetime of interesting insights, So—

I want you to go to both your parents and ask them to write down some of the insights from their lives! Really! I don’t care if they say they can’t write or they were lousy in school. Plead with them, blackmail them, beg if you have to, but get them to write. I am willing to bet that you will be pleasantly surprised. You will see your parents in a new light and perhaps even begin to look on them as friends.

—Don Weston

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