The other day I was sitting at my computer doing some writing, and as I sat there thinking about what I might write, I saw my hands. I noticed the wrinkles and my veins were just under the surface of the skin, but really sticking up, and I had a finger whose top segment was moving west! “Holy Mackerel,” I thought. “What are those old things attached to my arms?” They were obviously my hands, but what the hell had happened to them? The answer, of course, was they had gotten old with the rest of me.

At my last visit to the doctor, I asked him why, when I bumped my hand it hurt like the devil. It never used to do that. The question was, why? The answer was kind of simple: as a person ages the skin gets thinner, which puts the nerves closer to the surface. Problem solved!

If you think about it, a person’s hands are usually the best indicator of a person’s age. A woman may get a face lift but I have never heard of a hand lift (although it wouldn’t surprise me). So, if you see a woman (or a man for that matter), who appears to be 40-50 years, look at the hands. They will tell the story of the real age, far better than the face.

While I am on this fascinating subject, let me say that I have never understood why women have face lifts. The obvious reason, of course, is to look younger. But if other parts of the body belie the fact that the person is younger, who are they kidding?

Women particularly, but also some men, become so turned on with youth and beauty (which manufacturers of “beauty products” love), they lose sight of the fact that beauty IS really only skin deep. How many people do you know that had “work” done on their faces and they were still devoid of real beauty? How often have you been at a meeting or a social function and you have been seated with someone you initially thought of as ugly or at least unattractive? And how many times have either you or they struck up a conversation and after a few minutes, you no longer noticed what they looked like? You have actually had a look INSIDE that person and you may have found the inner beauty!

I have a theory that somehow, some way, by the Good Lord or some other entity, the beauty of a person has been moved from the outside, to the inside. How does one know? Look into that person’s eyes and you will see where their “beauty” has moved. There is a phrase I am sure you have heard, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” I am going to coin a new phrase, “Beauty is behind the eyes of the aged.”

As I sign off, just a couple of tips: “Be careful when traveling and, if possible, call your mother.”

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