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A LITTLE BIT ABOUT MY PHOTO BACKGROUND:   When I left the Marine Corps I bought a little photo shop at the beach where I shot quickie portraits. At the same time, I attended a two year photography course. On graduating, I worked until 1950 as a portrait photographer with my last job being with John E Reed,  a Hollywood glamour photographer where we shot with an 8 x 10 camera. I spent until 1970 in Graphic arts and design at which time  I joined a small company as CFO and also shot all ad photos.

At present I teach a beginning  (or even intermediate) photo course for individuals wanting to move from snapshots to photo art. My mantra #1 is, “Everyone looks but not everyone sees.” Mantra #2 is, ” As soon as you pick up a camera, you are an artist. You may be a lousy artist, you may be a good artist or you may be great.”  Mantra #3 is, ” Cameras do not take photos, people do.” The entire course is taught on the internet/email and there is NO CHARGE. I give you projects/subjects, you shoot and email me your photos for a critique. For further info contact me at

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